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16mm cine film scanning to 4K or HD formats

Whether you are needing films transferring for professional or domestic purposes we offer a service to suit using our Filmfabriek Muller HDS+ scanner specifically built to transfer 16mm film with sprocktless drive using cool flash LED illumination, the output has a wide dynamic range and super sharp optics to capture the highest image quality in resolutions beyond 4K.

Much of this film is now fragile and requires gentle handling by experts, rest assured we have years of experience working with vintage film. Our system also includes a wet gate which is employed for badly damaged and scratched films, the wet gate helps reduce and remove the appearance of scratches during the scanning process.

Scanning in uncompressed files then allows us to then post process to remove dirt and blemishes present within the film, de-grain, stabilise and sharpen, making the end result a high quality digital film. Output can then be in a range of file formats to suit your requirements or onto DVD or BluRay Disc for immediate viewing. We can also transfer 16mm with sound in either magnetic or optical soundtracks

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16mm cine film was introduced in 1923 by Kodak to make home movie making much cheaper for the amateur than using 35mm film and has been used by both amateur and professional filmmakers since then until the present day.optical-sound-stripe

The film itself is 16mm in width identifying sprocket holes on both sides of the film indicates that your cine film is silent. If the sprocket holes are on one side only this would indicate that there is sound on the reel. Sound can be either optical or magnetic.

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