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35mm Slide Scanning Service

The highest quality Nikon slide and negative film scanner is employed to scan and digitise your 35mm slides or negatives. Images can be provided in high resolution up to 4,000 dpi with digital ICE dust and scratch removal. We then hand adjust all images individually for colour and contrast and light retouching.

We can also scan 126 and 110 mounted slides.

Slide scanning is the only way to protect your valuable slides and enable you to use them in the digital age, but not all scanning services use high quality Nikon scanners the difference can be startling, so if you have 300 or more slides we offer a free trial service we are so confident that you will love the results!

We  scan all 35mm slides by hand with careful attention to the image quality, light cleaning with a blower brush to remove any dust then the images are scanned in a Nikon Coolscan 4000 ED top line scanner for the ultimate image quality. Simply put it’s the best way for 35mm Slide Scanning.

Images can be supplied in TIFF, JPEG or both formats on a data DVD or USB memory stick for use in smart TV’s etc.

Scanning prices up to 200 Slides @ 58p each 200 or more @ 49p each at 4,000 dpi as Tiff or JPEG files.,

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Minimum order is £20

We also offer full digital retouching service for any damaged images, call for details.