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4 Famous Celebrity Home Movies Caught on Cine Film

Home movies aren’t just made in the homes of common people, many famous celebrities have also enjoyed capturing family memories on film. Many of these old cine films have been restored to a digital format and have been shared with the general public through television, documentaries, and YouTube. These fabulous films allow us to see some of the special moments these famous celebrities shared with their family, friends, children, and how they spent their family vacations.

For some, it is a nice glimpse into the lifestyle of what normally would be an untouchable celebrity. It gives some sense of normalcy to these high profile celebs, and shows they shared their special moments with family and friends just the same way we do too. Sometimes the media builds celebrities up to be larger than life and it is hard to believe that they share the same moments we do and on the flip side, it is nice for celebrities to show the general public that they are real people just like everyone else.

The following four cine films allow a look into the private lives of famous celebrities that were in the media spotlight quite often:

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, quickly became a household name during the 1950s and early years of the 60s when she starred in several feature films. She was also known for her relationships with men. This film gives a glimpse into the early life of Marilyn Monroe, when she was still known as Norma Jeane. At just 18 years old, this cine film footage takes place with Grace Goddard, one of her many foster parents and friend of her mother’s. It looks like they are having a party and the ladies are doing a mock fashion show with their furs.¬†

Watch the video here.

The Kennedy’s

The Kennedy’s are an American family that have been heavily involved in politics and often in the media spotlight. They were well known to all for their graciously good looks and being some of the youngest faces in politics. The family has also suffered many tragedies, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy in the 1960s and losing several family members in different plane crashes. The following footage is not dated, but features John F. Kennedy vacationing with his family in Cape Cod and his young children Caroline and John, Jr. so the filming must’ve taken place shortly before he was assassinated in 1963.

Watch the video here.

Elvis Presley

This superstar was amongst the celebrities that captured private moments on cine film. Elvis Presley was donned the “King of Rock-n-Roll” and as most would agree, it was a well-deserved title. In 1968, Presley and his wife Priscilla had their first and only child, Lisa Marie Presley. The following home movies capture moments from Lisa Marie’s life from a baby up to a young girl.

Watch the video here.

Princess Diana

Diana Frances Spencer, was born on July 1, 1961. In 1981, she married the Prince of Wales, Charles and became the Princess of Wales; however, even before marrying into that title, Diana had royal ancestry. Diana was in the public eye after announcing her engagement Charles and she was known for her beautiful smile, kind heart, and her charity work, in particularly with children. The following home movie cine film captures Diana’s christening through her later youth.

Watch the video here.