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4 Reasons to Transfer your VHS Family Home Movies to Digital

In the 1980s, VCRs and VHS camcorders were all the rage. This was a new way to capture the kid’s sporting events, holidays, family reunions, baby’s first words in fact just about anything. It was only a matter of having a camcorder and a VHS tape. Today, we have an even greater convenience with smart phones, tablets, and digital cameras that are able to capture video in an instant. Although our old VCR tapes are still watchable, today’s technology has a greater scope for storing our memories rather than leaving them on a format that will soon be extinct.
The following are some reasons you might want to transfer your video tapes sooner, rather than later:

Transferring family VHS home movies to a digital format can help you save space in your home

If you are looking to de-clutter, or maybe you are thinking about moving and putting your house on the market; if so, getting rid of those large VHS tapes, as well as the storage they are kept in will immediately clean up a room. Transferring your VHS home movies is a fairly simple process. If you don’t understand the technology, there are professional companies available that have the expertise and the equipment to help.

VHS tapes are becoming obsolete

If you still have a VCR that can play these tapes, you are fortunate as they are now hard to come. If your VCR suddenly stops working or something breaks, there is very little that you can do to repair so essentially leaving you with VHS tapes that you can’t play again. However, transferring your tapes to a digital format will not only allow you to view again but store for future use. In fact, having a digital format of your home movies available will allow to share with others or have a copy of your video on several different viewing devices.

VHS tapes will deteriorate over time

The recordings on VHS tapes can eventually wear away the tape. This is one the most important reasons to transfer family VHS home movies to a digital format. In many cases, deterioration is due to improper storage and aging. On average, recordings on VHS tapes can last anywhere from 10-20 years. A chemical breakdown with the glue can occur that is used when making the tape; this is also known as Sticky Shed Syndrome. When this breakdown happens the video tape can get coated with a sticky substance and will be unable to be played in a VCR.

You can share easily digital video

There is nothing like sharing our recorded family memories with our loved ones. If most of your memories are on VHS tape, it is virtually impossible to share as less and less people have access to VHS players. By transferring to a digital format or a DVD, they can be shared with friends and family all over the world. Digitally formatted home movies can be uploaded and shared on different social media sites, such as YouTube. YouTube allows a user to create a channel and upload videos that can then be shared publicly or privately with those you send the link to.

Don’t take the risk of losing your family home movies forever. Transferring your family VHS home movies to a digital format is simple and not as expensive as you might think. Think of it as an investment for your family and for the generations to come.

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