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4 Things You Can Do With Old Cine Film

Have you cleaned out the basement or attic of your home of an older relative’s home and run across old cine film and wondered what to do with it? The first thing we know not to do with it is throw it away. You never know what treasured memories could be stored on this film.

When we talk about cine film, we are referring to old home movies shot on either 8 mm, Super 8, 16mm or 9.5mm film formats. It is almost unheard of today, but years ago, capturing a baby’s firsts, family holidays, and special events were captured on cine film. Now, being able to revel in these memories is just a matter of pulling a mobile phone from our pockets and hitting a button.

There are several things that come to mind that you can do with old cine film;

1.    Discover what is on the film by transferring it to digital

To start, you don’t want to damage the old cine film by trying to play it in a projector. Film that has been sitting for years can become brittle and crack when run through a projector. The best thing that you can do is to transfer the contents of the film to a digital format. It is best to leave this work to a professional so you don’t risk damaging or losing the collection. Most professional companies will use specialist technical equipment built specifically to handle precious cine film. There are several digital formats that can be used, including DVDs, Blu-ray and AVI . Digital AVI files will allow you to do you own editing so that you can cut and move film clips and also add music or narration. Digital AVI files can easily be copied and shared with friends and family, or you could make your own DVD copies.

2.    Give a DVD copy as a surprise gift

Finding and viewing long lost family moments on old cine film can be such an enlightening experience. You might find your parents wedding, your own first steps, your first ride on a bicycle without training wheels, a school play, or fun holiday gatherings. No matter what the memory might be, it is sure to be worth sharing. Transferring old cine film to DVD and making a new movie out of these hidden treasures is a great gift for any family member. You can’t go wrong with gifting family memories and something that can be cherished and passed along for generations to come.

3. Donate the film to a museum or archive

As you rummage through and watch your old cine films, you might find that some of them are of no significance to you; but, before you rush to throw it away, think about donating the film to a museum or archive. Such as North East Film Archive, many older cine films could be of use to a museum in piecing together certain events of an era, or might help as samples of history in their exhibits. You never know, your film clip could be a missing link to a story they have been trying to complete. Old footage should never be wasted; it’s always useful to someone.

4. You could even make a bit of money from it

If you are looking to make a little bit of cash from your old cine film footage, you can list it publicly online for people to buy. There are several websites that are available to do so, including Getty Images and Pond 5 to name just a couple. There are guidelines that need to be followed and a submission process. Your submission will go through an approval process, and once accepted, the general public will be able to view and purchase your footage. You then earn a percentage of what the website charges for the purchase. This can be a great little earner as snippets and clips from ‘the olden days’ can be so useful to people making videos, researching or collecting.

There are many things to do with old cine film footage. Many people are really unaware of the value that some of their old cine films hold; so, before you decide to just discard them, be sure to transfer them.