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5 Reasons Why you Should Preserve your Home Movies

Home movies are great. They always provide a reason for a family to get together and share a few laughs. However, have you noticed that each time you play these videos  they appear a bit worse than before? Before you know it, these prized possessions will be damaged beyond repair. This is the sad truth videotape does not last forever, some tapes will fade faster than others as the glues and oxide particles degrade over time. The following is a list of 5 reasons why you should make efforts to preserve your home movies.

Kids Need to Know About the Family
Let’s face it. No matter how embarrassing your childhood memories maybe, you love watching them over and over again. But even apart from the entertainment factor, preserving home videos allows future generations to gain insight to the history of their family, and what times were like when you were young.

The Technology Factor
Tapes become unreadable in a short period of time as technology continues to advance. VHS/VCR tapes are a thing of the past. They are less common in homes nowadays, as almost everyone has traded their VCR for DVD players. You don’t find VHS players in the markets today. Since the medium is dead, it is illogical to keep your movies on videotape.

Tapes are a Burden
Compared to DVD discs, tapes take up more shelf space, get damaged. Remember it is the content on the reels and not the reels themselves that hold the real value for you, so go for video conversion while you have the time.

Tape Degrades With Time
As mentioned above, tapes break down in as low as 15 years. And this has nothing to do with how frequently you play them. Plastic film loses quality automatically, whether you like it or not. A typical DVD or digital file on the other hand is easy to copy and backup to keep the contents safe for future generations.

Conversion Quality
Finally, when you convert your home videos to DVD, you not only preserve them for several decades, but their sound and picture quality is locked at that point stopping any further degradation to the pictures. Obviously using professional decks with time base correctors will yield the maximum quality out of the tapes thus making the viewing experience even more enjoyable. Not to mention, your playback options also increase. You do not have to restrict yourself to an ageing VHS player, as DVDs or files they can be viewed on desktops, laptops or even on YouTube as well.

Preserving your old home movies is easy – depending on the current format of your movies, you can choose to convert your cine film to DVD or transfer your camcorder tapes onto DVD/digital.