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5 Things Cine Film has Added to Society

Cine film has been with us since the 1800’s. Since then, video recording has undergone several innovations. It is not a surprise that the development of film also coincided with some of the most significant events in modern history. While most of us restrict the use of cine film to entertainment (movie-making), its value to our society goes far beyond cinema. Here are 5 ways in which cine film has influenced us in the last 100 years:

1. Entertainment
This is, as stated above, the most common use of cine film. Since the era of silent films, audiences all around the world have been enthralled by stories told on motion picture. Today, cinema in countries like India and the United States remain one of most lucrative local industries.

2. History Caught on Tape
The 20th century is like a long, continuous scroll in the long narrative of history as one major event was followed by another one. Thanks to cine film and videotape latterly, most of these moments have been recorded as they happened, so that all generations to come can relive the experience. Hardly anyone before the 60s imagined that man would eventually land on the moon. But surely no one would have even speculated that people on earth would be able to view every movement of the Apollo 11! Other notable events immortalized by video include:
• The Hindenburg disaster
• Fall of the Berlin Wall
• The atomic attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
These and several other historical events have inspired movies, and…

3. Documentaries
Many filmmakers have made historical movies, but not all of them are factual. “Inherit the Wind” is a good example of the amalgamation of historical facts and cinematic narrative woven together. The void then is filled by documentaries. So effectual is this form of information that some of the highest rated shows on televisions are documentaries such as Cosmos and Life on Earth. Many producers making documentaries today would give their bottom dollar for a snippet of cine film to add into their modern day film. Separate awards have been designated to recognize this genre of movie making, and festivals are held throughout the world where the best documentaries are viewed. 

4. Academic Interest
Cine film itself and its various uses as listed above have all been subject of intense academic study as well. This in itself is a testimony of the influence of cine film on our society, with film criticism or film history being legitimate employment generating degrees offered by universities across the globe.

5. Home Videos
Finally, there is a personal way in which cine film has touched millions of people over the years. By making amateur home video recording possible, cine film has allowed us to capture the best moments in our family history. And technology allows us to convert these into digital formats to enjoy today. In other words, precious moments from our personal lives will outlive us, all thanks to cine film.