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9.5mm Cine Film to DVD

9.5mm Pathe also known as Baby Pathe too was in use from the early 1920’s until the mid 1960’s. They mainly contain black and white films but there are some colour films in this format still in existence which project very well. Although the film gauge is only 9.5mm this film format has nearly the same picture area per frame as 16mm as the film sprockets are in between each film frame. 9.5mm film is identifiable by the sprocket holes being in the centre of the film rather than at the side as per 8mm & 16mm film.

We can convert 9.5mm cine film to DVD or digital file formats. Our film transfer process involves cleaning, repair and then frame scanning (flash scanning) each film cell then re-animating at the correct speed, we also carry out colour and contrast corrections for badly faded film, other corrections can include stabilization and flicker removal using specialist software.

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