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Pathé 9.5mm cine film scanning to HD digital formats

Much of this film dates from the 1940’s and 1950’s so special handling is required to transfer this to achieve the quality it deserves, fortunately we have years of experience handing this fragile film, Baby Pathé reels are wound very tightly so requires gentle unwinding and re-winding on larger hubs before transfer, we add modern acetate leader and tails so non of this precious film is missed in transfer, fortunately our machine is sprocket-less so can handle this film gently without damaging the sprockets and adjacent film cells.

This Pathé film is typical of the quality that can be achieved, it has been hand cleaned and scanned in HD then a digital process of dust and blemish removal, stabilisation, grain removal and sharpening is performed over the uncompressed files to give a high quality resulting image. For badly scratched films we have a wet gate that can be added that can drastically reduce or eliminate the appearance of vertical scratches.

The format was in use from the early 1920’s until the mid 1960’s, most of it is in black and white but there are some colour films that are know as Pathécolor both of which still hold good quality images. Although the film gauge is only 9.5mm this film format has nearly the same picture area per frame as 16mm, 9.5mm Pathé film is easly identifiable by the sprocket holes being in the centre of the film rather than at the side like 16mm film.

We scan to HD or 4K and supply high quality digital files or discs in DVD or Blu-Ray formats.

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