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Choosing the Right Company to Convert Cine Film to DVD

Most of us have a few old film reels lying around neglected in some corner of the house. Usually home movies or wedding videos, these film reels contain precious memories that are often lost as a result of decay and dust. Since projectors are mostly unavailable the most practical option is to digitize the film and convert it into a DVD.

With the hundreds of Cine Film to DVD conversion services available it becomes hard to sift out the good from the bad. Film reels are very sensitive and prone to decay or destruction if not handled with care.

It’s Reputable

Make sure you give your cine film reels to a reputable company that you trust. Look for things such as ‘Do they have an address and contact telephone number  on their webite? Can you visit their premises? Do they have any examples of their work that they can show you? Can you get a test reel converted if you have a large collection of cine film to convert.

Friend Referral

If you have no idea about where to start looking for a cine film conversion service it’s always good to ask a friend or colleague. 

Read Reviews

Search Google for reviews of cine film to DVD services. Be sure to check that these reviews are genuine and user generated – not just the company giving themselves a glowing review!

Ask for their Cine film conversion methods

A little research into the process of cine film conversion should always help. Get yourself educated a little about procedures and ask the company to explain them to you. If they are willing to explain and are enthusiastic about it, chances are it is a legitimate business. There are several methods of converting cine film to DVD which result in bad quality images such as inferior projection methods. If the company is local to you then you can always ask to pop in and have a chat.

You’ve done Business with them before

Companies often do not provide cine film conversion services exclusively. They may provide other services such as converting video to DVD, printing DVDs, video production and slide transfers. If you’ve tried other services and have been assured of their quality and work principles then you can give them your cine film reel with confidence.

Do a Trial Run

Not all home movies are filled with sentimental memories. Find a film reel that you would not mind losing if damaged and do a test run. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can proceed to have your original film converted. Whether or not you’re willing to handle the expense of this method depends on the value you attach to the film reel.