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Cine films for Christmas

Turn your old Cine Film into a DVD for a Great Christmas Gift! 

It’s that time of year when people start scratching their heads as to what can they get their loved ones for Christmas. Finding the right gift isn’t always easy but one way to tackle this issue is finding out if you have any family cine film stored away. These could be long forgotten hidden in the attic just waiting to be transformed back to life. 

Restoring your family films is not only a fantastic gift for Christmas but is also an investment in preserving these memories for generations to come. 

The first step is to find any old cine film that family members may have, once you have retrieved your films it’s then time to find a professional film transfer house who can restore these wonderful memories in time for Christmas. 

There are various types of cine film such as 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm some of which may have sound. If you are unsure as to what type of film that you have and how to go about the whole process of transferring your films we suggest giving us a call. Or you can have a look around our website here which has all the information that you need to take the first steps to transferring your films.

As Christmas is an exceptionally busy time we would recommend that you start this process as soon as is possible to avoid disappointment. 

Dependent upon the size of your order transferring your film to DVD or digital files will take typically 14-21 working days and our last shipping date for Christmas deliveries will be 23rd December. 

We won’t ever rush an order, and we believe all cine film deserves the best possible care and at TVV Productions your films will always be cleaned prior to transferring. After all they have been stored for many years and we need to inspect the condition of the films prior to transferring. 

Once we have successfully restored your films by carefully colour correcting and editing, your DVD is nearly complete. A menu is created that will allow you to navigate through your films and this can be designed with bespoke titles to make the DVD a very personal gift. 

It is very popular for customers to request multiple copies of their DVD so that they can give each member of the family this fabulous gift on Christmas Day. 

Transferring cine film to DVD is a gift that continues to give great happiness long after Christmas Day has come and gone, so if you have just 1 reel of cine film or many more, maybe it’s time to restore those family films and bring them back to life this Christmas!