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Cine Transfer FAQs

1. How will you deal with my films and will I get them back?
“On receipt of your films we then inspect and clean them then they are bagged and sealed ready for transfer. The films are transferred and after adjustment then output to your required format, such as DVD, Blu-ray or digital files, HD or SD then sent back to you by our courier service (collection is also avaiable).”

2. How do you do the transfers, do you use a projector?
“Firstly we don’t use projectors they just don’t give the quality needed, we use specially built telecine machinery costing many thousands of pounds, but achieving great picture quality in the transfer is a mix of high quality equipment and the expertise of our technicians, your films are ran through our specialist HD telecine machine and the resulting files are fed into a video edit system where we begin the digital enhancement which includes digital colour correction, contrast adjustment and the removal of any blank segments in the film. For more detail of what we do, watch our video here.”

3. What is the best way to get my films to you?
“Cine collections can be brought into our office or if sending by post we recommend using a suitable tracked and signed service such as royal mail special delivery or a courier service. For more information, view our order page.”

4. The quality of my footage varies and may contain blank segments, can you enhance this and remove any black sections?
“As part of the digital enhancement and editing stage any blank spaces in your film will be edited out at no extra cost.”

5. Some of my films contain sound, can you also transfer this?
“As part of the digital enhancement, if any of your films have sound, then this can be transferred too, please mark any reels you suspect may contain sound.”

6. How much is it all going to cost?
“The cost really depends on which film type you’d like transferring to DVD/digital and how many films you’d like converting. All prices can be found here or you can contact us on 0191 286 9800 where we will be more than happy to help”

7. How long does it take?
“This depends on the type of films to be converted to digital or DVD and the amount of film that you have, typically allow 28 days but if need them for a special occasion do let us know, we always try and accommodate where we can.”

8. Will you use any of our footage for promotion of your company?
“On occasion we may contact you for permission to use a segment of your footage on our website. This will only be done with your agreement.”

9. Will the DVD’s work on any DVD player?
“Yes. But it is also important that the media is handled carefully as fingerprints and surface scratches will affect playback, we advise that you do not touch the data side of the DVD disc to avoid such issues.”

10. Can I order more copies later or add more films to the original list?
“Master digital files are held in our system for 2 months as both a safety backup and to allow for any subsequent re-ordering and addition of titles, so yes you can add more reels or have additional copies  just let us know.”

11. What if I don’t know what is on the film and I have no way to view them?
“This happens frequently, in this instance we suggest that the cine film is converted to a digital file format so that you can view the files at home. Once you decide on the order we can create a DVD and any appropriate titles.”


12. Do you always return the original film undamaged?
“We always treat your cine film as though it were our own. All film is re-wound and securely packed and returned to you after transfer.

If the original film is badly damaged we may need to do some splicing to create a seamless sequence, however if we receive badly damaged reels we will contact you prior to transfer to discuss the solutions available. If you want to hear what customers have said about our service view their feedback here.”


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