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Cine film transfer to HD Digital and DVD or BluRay

Why Choose us? Whether you have a single reel or large collection you can be assured of our commitment to a quality transfer. We use the latest technology and techniques to deliver leading film transfers from any gauge or type of film at very competitive rates.

This what we do.
Stage 1: Cleaning and repair
 – Your films are now many years old and will most likely need hand cleaning first, this is very carefully done to remove loose particles of dust and dirt, projector oil and wax allowing for a far cleaner film to scan. The difference can be remarkable with this process alone. Splices that have broken will be repaired with a modern tape splice using a CIR splicer. We also offer further restoration services on very badly damaged films that have stuck together with damp or water damage etc.

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Stage 2: Flash Scanning – From 2016 all films are scanned through our state of the art flash film scanner, the Filmfabriek Muller HDS+ this scanner is capable of scanning in up to 4K and together with the restoration software capable of producing results far beyond what has been achievable to date. The scanner is very gentle on vintage film, more so than any projector and has variable tension, is sprocketless with laser frame accuracy and LED pulse lighting so no damage to the film will result from any of our transfers. For badly scratched films we have a wet-gate that drastically reduces the appearance of scratches and lines.

Stage 3: Digital restoration –  We have a suite of digital tools that include dust busting which helps remove marks and blemishes that appear on screen and sharpening to enhance the film for digital playback, frame stabilisation to that give an even steadier picture and grain reduction which helps digital encoders give clean picture.

Stage 4:  Edit and Output – This stage is where we order and electronically trim your digitally captured cine film footage omitting any long blank sections. 3 way colour correction is added to improve the overall colour balance of the film to make it look more natural. For film to DVD or BluRay we also begin the task of creating the menu and adding a music soundtrack. For film to digital we begin outputting to a file format of your choice in HD, 2K or 4K.

Flicker Free Transfer Quality – You won’t see any flickering or banding lines with our transfers just clean images as they should be. The transfer technique we employ is very flexible at coping with amateur footage which can sometimes be over or under exposed. Our system evens out this exposure difference and ensures higher quality film conversions at a modest cost.

Try us for FREE – We are so confident you will love our film transfers so on any large transfer of 2,000’ft or more we offer a ‘Try before you Buy’ service. This is free of charge and valid for up to  50’ft of film.   Once the test reel is complete we can send you a  link to download the digital file so that you can see for yourself the quality of the cine transfers that we produce. Read what our customers say about our service! >>

Your choice of outputs.

Cine to DVD or BluRay – Using archive quality disks we create a full navigation menu for each chapter and include a still image which is taken from the relevant cine reel. We provide up to 90 minutes onto each DVD or 120 minutes on BluRay providing maximum quality when viewing.

Cine to Digital file – We can output to a variety of formats for playback or editing such as AVI, MPEG4, ProRes, DNxHD, HQx etc. and can advise on the best format for you, whether it is for edit friendly on MAC or PC or for playback on smart TV’s or tablets.

Online – Films can be uploaded to Vimeo so you can have online access, this can also be password protected if required.

Backup – We always keep a copy of the original files as a back up for 4 weeks from the date the work was completed.

You can be assured that your films will be treated with the utmost of care and returned safely to you. We have over 20 years experience working with small gauge film from Kodak’s Kodachrome, Fuji, Agfa, Polavision, Ilford, Boots, Perutz and many others and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

How to order: Send us your films by courier or Royal Mail special delivery to the address below OR visit us at our studio in Newcastle. If you live in the Newcastle, Northumberland, Durham or Teesside areas pop along with your films & have a chat. Our studio hours are 9:30am until 5:30pm weekdays.