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There can be a lot of jargon and technical speak when it comes to cine film transfer. To help you out we’ve listed a few terms here with their meanings.

8mm film – The film tape is 8mm wide.

9.5mm film – The film tape is 9.5mm wide. This is better quality than 8mm film.

16mm film – The film tape is 16mm wide. This is better quality than 8mm film and 9.5mm film.

AVI – (Audio Video Interleave) A multimedia video format than can store video and audio and allows synchronised audio-with-video playback.

Betacam – Professional videocassette products used from 1982. They can refer to a Betacam camcorder, a Betacam tape, a Betacam video recorder or the Betacam format itself.

Camcorder tape – A magnetic tape used for the recording of images and sound.

Cine film – A term used to refer when 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film formats are used for home entertainment.

Digital8 – A digital recording videocassette that uses 8mm film.

DV – (Digital Video) A format for storing digital video.

DVCam – This format uses locked audio, which prevents audio synchronisation drift that may happen on DV if several generations of copies are made.

DVD – (Digital Video/Versatile Disc) These are a digital disc storage format that offer higher storage format than compact discs whilst having the dimensions.

HDV – (High Definition Video) A format used for recording of high definition video on DV cassette tape.

Hi8 – (High-Band Video 8) A greater format to 8mm film.

Memory stick – A removable memory flash card that is used to store and transfer audio-visual files. This is a successor to Video8.

Mini DV – Used for recording DV, DVCAM and HDV.

MPEG – (Moving pictures expert group) An international standard for encoding and compressing video images.

SD card – (Secure Digital Card) is a non-volatile memory card format for use in portable devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation and tablet computers.

Super8 film – An improvement from the 8mm film

U-Matic – An analog recording videocassette.

VHS – (Video Home System) Used for playback of video and audio media into home entertainment systems.

VHSC – (Video Home System videoCassette) Used for recording video analogue recording camcorders.

Video8 – An analogue recording format.


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