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What Happens if Cine Film or Videos are Not Converted?

Capturing an event on video is always better than taking photographs, or noting it down in a journal. The latter options, no matter how robust, cannot replay the event for those were not present. The problem is that film media deteriorates over time. This simply means that nostalgic moments recorded on cine film or video tapes are at risk of being lost forever.

All of us have old home movies that are just sitting in boxes or shelves for years. They are only collecting dust and getting fragile by the day. Other ways in which cine film disintegrates are as follows:

Light breaks down the chemical dyes in the emulsion, and the colour begins to fade. Exposure to moisture and high humidity causes mold. These conditions shrink the film, and if they are used for continuous projection, the films can be damaged beyond repair.

Loss of Quality
Video tapes deteriorate faster than any other storage medium. Most videotapes have a lifespan of, at best 15 or 20 years. During this time, you will notice distorted sound and colour, tracking problems, and dropouts All these simply indicate that the tape’s contents will be lost in a matter of years.

Old’ Technology
How many people you know still have a working 8mm film projector in their possession? The same will be true of VHS players in another decade or so, which are breaking down rapidly. Most of us have even lost our old Video8, Hi8, and Digital8 camcorders. But these mediums had already gone obsolete.

The bottom-line is, simply storing cine film videos will not protect them. We can continue to make copies, but each copy goes further and further away from the original as far as picture and sound quality is concerned.

The good news is, outdated audiovisual formats can be converted to current digital media, and once this happens, you can easily enjoy and share with family and friends, without fearing damage or deterioration. Converting and transferring cine film to digital formats gives you advantages of:

Easy Viewing
Imagine you are at your child’s football game and you are recording the entire event. Now you have to come home and show how well he played to the rest of the family. This means watching the whole 90 minutes or so for getting a few glimpses of your child! However, a DVD makes it easy to find relevant spots in the recording.

Finally, recordings in a digital format are easier to store than video tapes.