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New Technology for an Old Format at TVV Productions, June 2014

TVV Productions continued investment in the latest technology includes a custom built “Strobin Tobin”,  one of the latest film scanners for 8mm and Super 8 film transfers. The best quality comes from frame scanning and the Strobin TST machine is the latest generation providing the highest quality scans around.

This custom built machine transfers your film with unrivalled sharpness and colour fidelity and is ideal for all amateur home movie footage including Kodachrome, Fujifilm, Polavision, Boots Chrome and many other films.

Output from the scanner is in HD (high definition) so we can provide a range of formats including BluRays or DVDs or as AVI or H.264 files for easy home editing.

The TST views the entire film frame this ensures no cropping or missing edges that you can get with projection transfers, even illumination and a high CRI or colour index means better colour with absolutely no chance of film burn even when the film is stationery.

Super sharp optics help resolve the best images from your film as well as effective colour corrections to any film that may have changed over time or were incorrectly shot.

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