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Snapped or Mangled Video Tapes!

OK , so you have come across one of your tapes that has either snapped or gotten mangled in the player or camera, don’t panic all is not lost, broken tapes can be re-spliced and then transferred to a digital file or disc.

If you have a cassette that is screwed together then you can simply unscrew the cassette shell and splice the ends back together, if you don’t fancy doing this yourself then any reputable transfer house should carry this out for you and transfer the contents over.

If you want to carry out the procedure yourself you are going to need a few bits and bobs including film splicing tape (we don’t recommend cello-tape for this) a screwdriver and some sharp scissors. Remember as you dismantle the tape take a note of the placement of parts inside the cassette such as the brake, guides and tape path. This will make sure that the tape will work correctly and not damage your machine.

Some cassette shells are welded together rather than screwed, if this is the case then you are going to need a donor shell once you have broken the original shell apart. Most importantly the splice must be perfect with no adhesive or excess tape showing or overlapping at the joint.

Remember once you have made the splice to transfer the video to a digital file, DVD or BluRay then don’t use the tape again.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you repair and transfer video tape or other film formats please contact us here or browse our website.