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Video & Camcorder Transfer to DVD & Digital

We have invested in the highest quality professional playback decks so you get the best quality tape conversion from your old home video or camcorder tapes at very competitive prices.

We can copy your tapes onto DVD or as digital video files, transferring from most domestic and professional formats.

It is true that tapes won’t last forever these older formats are degrading and showing signs of age such as mold growth and dropout as well as brittle, we recommend you transfer your family films from these ageing analogue formats to a modern digital format that is easy to copy and backup for future generations. Don’t lose these precious memories of wonderful family events.

We wind all tapes end to end to reset tape tension and tracking this also helps where tapes have only been partially rewound and have been incorrectly stored, playback tracking is manually set and digital time base correction is applied for optimum results.

Most formats are getting old now beyond 8 years and the playback decks are getting difficult to fix as spares are becoming obsolete, we recommend transfer to a digital format so that you can then store, copy, edit and make DVD’s or other file formats for playback on tablets or via the web such as YouTube or Vimeo.

We support the following video formats:

VHS video to DVD and Digital

Video 8, Digital 8 and Hi 8 transfer to DVD

Mini DV and HDV video to DVD / Digital

U-matic and BETACAM to DVD / Digital



We can encode to AVI format for PC or QuickTime for Apple MAC at 12GB per hour this gives the best quality in an easy to edit, store and playback format.

You can drop and collect at our studio in Newcastle upon Tyne or post your tapes to us and we return all tapes with your order.

Turnaround is typically within 5 working days, we also offer an express service contact us for details.

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We can also do digital clean-up, editing or even up-res to HD and upload for internet playback or supply on Blu-ray discs or hard drives. Call for details 0191 286 9800. Prices are here

DISCLAIMER: This service is tailored to both the general public and video professionals. Please note you must own the copyright on any recordings you submit to us for transfer.