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Why Some People Still Prefer Cine Film to DVD

There is an ongoing debate about whether cine film is better than DVD. Many have argued that the new digital age is miles ahead of the old methods of recording film and that a complete transition to the medium should be made. Film enthusiasts however vehemently assert that cine film captures light better and should be reborn. Digital enthusiasts however accuse them of simply being nostalgic.

The supporters of digital DVD say that the process of developing the film is much too complicated for today’s age. About a decade or two ago you would find kiosks and shops offering immediate development of film. Today however you would be hard pressed to find one within your area. The alternative to getting them professionally printed is to develop them yourself which requires you to set up an entire room with red light. Since this method is too complicated for the general public, a complete transition from cine film to DVD must be made.

Cine film supporters claim that the look of film is much better than that of digital. When we talk about recording on film which is common in moviemaking today, the process of telecine takes up a lot of time. Each frame is digitized and then edited. This however is a problem when it comes to distribution. Making copies of film reels and distributing them is a difficult task, not to mention the cost of distribution and storage.

Another problem is that of playback. Not every individual owns a playback setup complete with a projector. Even if cine film is recorded on a cassette, not many people have VCR’s anymore either. The global transition from film to DVD has taken place and reverting to an outdated medium is not only difficult but quite impossible.

The only benefits that film has over DVD is that of the lack of noise. Digital noise has a way of creeping into video due to surrounding electromagnetic rays. Film flawlessly records the scene and gives it a unique look due to the film grain. Other digital headaches such as battery life and shutter lag also add to the benefits of using cine film.

In fact, we have also been witness to many old cine film movies being rebooted in digital print for easier access. This is not only because of the ease of distribution and storage but also because of the timelessness of the medium. Digitally stored media on a DVD will continue to look the same over the years. In fact, you can easily burn more DVD copies for backup. Cine film however is very prone to wear and tear and deteriorates in quality over time.

Professionals may support cine film to DVD, but they fail to see the bigger picture that not everyone is a professional. The recent digital revolution has blurred the lines between professional and consumer. Most technology is now available to everyone. The only difference lies in the application of the equipment. People want home videos to store and share, often on social networks. There is an ongoing trend of film transfer of cine to DVD simply because people want to share them. Converting cine to DVD is not only smart but also practical.

If you have some old cine film reels lying around, make sure to convert them to DVD before you lose the data and the memories stored within.