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Why you Should Transfer Cine Film to DVD

There are several reasons why it’s important to consider transferring cine film to DVD or a digital format. In today’s society we have the ability to share so much of our lives using a variety of digital platforms so it may seem hard to imagine a time when this was not possible. For many filmmaking was a real passion and sharing these films with the family and friends was an important part of the social culture of the day.about-us-banner

Nowadays it’s usual that families live in different parts of the world, converting cine film gives everyone the
ability to share these precious family memories.  It’s certainly much easier to play a DVD or a digital file than to set up an old cine projector to view the films.  Whilst it is true film has good preservation quality if not kept in ideal conditions it will degrade and as a result over time, if the film were to get damp than this can ruin film very quickly.

Your cine films give younger members of the family a real glimpse into life back then, the characters of the family, the trips and holidays, and great family events like weddings and Christmases of the past, not to mention the fashions of the day.

These are just a few reasons why many people have started converting their old cine film to DVD.

Wear & Tear

Cleaning the cine film before transferring is an important part of the process for us. This is where damage to the film can be assessed before transferring. Each time the film runs through a home cine projector it undergoes quite a bit of stress with the heat of the lamp, the pull down claw which pulls the film through the gate. This is quite a harsh environment for vintage film which may have become brittle with age. Fortunately modern film scanners such as the HDs+ are very gentle on film with low tension supply and take-up, an open gate with no claws and flash illumination by LED that emits virtually next to no heat.

Sharing, Storage, Editing and Back ups

Cine film transfers not only allow you the freedom to keep your footage as long as possible, they also allow you to share your films and use them in whichever way you want to. Convert to DVD or BluRay and enjoy the experience of watching family films from years ago. Or convert to high definition digital files and let your creative juices flow by editing your films yourself or share them over the internet. In most cases when films are converted it is wise to consider having both formats.


It is important to consider that anyone could attempt to copy cine film to digital, however a real restoration expert will correct many issues with vintage film such as badly faded film or incorrectly coloured film, stabilisation dirt and blemish removal. In most instances improving upon the original film footage. Using the best digital processing to correctly convert the scanned film to the chosen output. Properly restored and transferred film will then be pleasure to watch and share.